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Happy Day 100 of the Epic 150 Day Burpee Challenge!

100 day burpee jump GIF4001 Happy Day 100 of the Epic 150 Day Burpee Challenge!

Made it to triple digits!!! Day 100 of 150. 50 more days to go and many, many more burpees. (PS…I don’t go near as fast as this animation makes it look. But perhaps by day 150!)

YayyyyNooooYay Nooo ohno ohnoohno Yayyyyy ohhNO no yay yayyyy yayy!

Yay:  I’m THRILLED I made it to day 100.
Oh no: I’m NOT thrilled to be in the triple digits from here on out.  iy yi yi.

Originally,  I planned to start the triple digit days in somewhere around Cameroon, as we head back down south, and wrap up the challenge on Thanksgiving day in Cape Town….. But, due to some long delays in Ivory Coast, I get to do triple digit burpees in the Sahara Desert.  Oh boy doesn’t that sound like fun.

Overall, this burpee challenge has been going wonderfully.  In spite of not having air conditioning, a consistent gym, a clean floor, an easily accessible shower or washing machine…I’m so glad I’m doing this even though each. and. every. day. it’s. there. waiting. for. me. over. and over. and over. burpees. burpees. burpees.   I’ve managed to block-out the excuses by removing the option of working out altogether. Afterall,  a) I always have water to drink and b) I always have some kind of ground/floor easily accessible (sure it could be dirt, sand, muddy, concrete, tile or a trampoline), therefore I have to do this.  And It feels soooo much better (in the long run) to just get them done then it does to resist.  Maybe it’s that refreshing, exhausted, worked feeling that drives me some days or maybe it’s because of the pictures of rock climbers hanging off giant mountain walls in Cape Town that my friend Jane keeps telling me to get ready for once we all meet up there this December.  I just removed  the do-I-do-them-or-not-choice out of the equation, and now it’s how-do-I-make-this-somewhat-enjoyable-and-entirely-beneficial.

Thankfully, I’ve had the grace to only miss 1 day because I was sick.  That was Day 70-something.  And the next day’s double workout was brutal.  I learned it’s definitely NOT in my best interest to skip out on a day (unless I’m throwing up).  So since I had to do them anyways, the next day I did a re-test on my 150 mark to see if I had improved.  Whoa!  I took 6 minutes off my time!!!!  That’s motivating for this next long haul.  (so I decided treat myself to a new outfit since I thought I earned it.)  sweet rewards

Today my friend commented,  “…Maari, you are so dedicated…. ”   Ohhhh wait a minute….I’m the first to admit I’m selectively dedicated.  If you could count how many desserts I’ve eaten in the past month, you would be appalled.  (unless you know me and my love for buttery, sugary treats.  Then you perhaps you wouldn’t be as shocked).    If I took the option of eating desserts completely out of the picture, it would be no problem.  The challenge comes with the choice.    And I’ve been choosing baaaaadly in that area.  I. will. improve!  Especially when we are miles away from an oven and a market that sells chocolate bars.   Oh sugar can be baaaaad for  you.   Ugh, let’s go back to burpees.  Burpees are delightful when compared with the thought of no sugary treats.

Without my beloved cross fit gym  in Austin, Crossfit Camp Mabry, where I can throw around heavy weights, I’ve surprisingly improved my burpee speed and burpee strength (if nothing else!) because of this simple bodyweight exercise.  (Sadly, I don’t know if I can still do a pull up after all this pushing up).

Well, I’m not sure who is still in this challenge with me, but cheers to days 101 – 150… and beyond???? When will we ever make it to Cape Town?!?….

team planning from IC  21 Happy Day 100 of the Epic 150 Day Burpee Challenge!

team planning from IC  11 Happy Day 100 of the Epic 150 Day Burpee Challenge!

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